Polibeli is a B2B online wholesale platform created for SMEs in Indonesia. Their concept is making everything easier for the clients with their strong supply chain capabilities and reliable ecommerce platform. And also you can get the best product at the lowest price, without any hassle. With that ability, their mission is to create and empower more entrepreneur in Indonesia to pursue their business dreams. And with their passionate team member, they are ready to provide you the excellence service in all aspects.

PiEE collaborated with Polibeli to fulfill their mission, The main goal is to optimize the available space, ensuring functionality while minimizing wasted area. The focus is on creating bright, modern and comfortable work spaces, and cultivating an environment conducive to productivity. This strategic approach aims to utilize all the potential of each individual, so that in the end it will produce optimal results. By integrating innovative design concepts and maximizing efficiency, the renovated office space seeks to align with Polibeli’s vision for a dynamic and thriving work atmosphere.


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  • 49th Floor - Sahid Sudirman Center
  • 382 Sqm
  • 2023