Ouji Seiyaku Indonesia

PiEE is proud to assist Ouji Seiyaku in realizing their vision through a transformative design approach known as the ‘Breathing Lab’ concept. This concept envisions an organic, interconnected, and diversified space meticulously crafted to support both the people and the core functions of the business. The primary goal is to cultivate an inclusive, connected, and inspiring environment that seamlessly integrates artistic experiences.

The ‘Breathing Lab’ concept places a strong emphasis on the use of colors and natural materials throughout the space. By doing so, it not only enhances the aesthetic appeal but also fosters a harmonious and dynamic atmosphere. The design is carefully curated to be welcoming, modern, and future-forward, aligning seamlessly with Ouji Seiyaku’s vision and commitment as a company.

The result is an immersive space that transcends the conventional office setting, providing a canvas for the expression of the company’s values and aspirations. PiEE is dedicated to bringing this vision to life, creating a workspace that not only meets the functional needs of the business but also serves as a testament to Ouji Seiyaku’s dedication to innovation and excellence.


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  • Green Office Park, BSD
  • 800 Sqm
  • 2023