Star Shipping

Was a shipping company based in Bergen, Norway that in 2008 operated 60–70 vessels with a total of 3 million deadweight tonnes.It was founded in 1961 a joint venture between Grieg Group and Masterbulk.The main area of co-operation was in industrial transport of forest products with 50 open hatch ships. It also operated 20 handysize and handymax bulk carriers as well as two container ships, and was the operator of Squamish Terminals in British Columbia, Canada. The ships were owned by the two parent companies.

Designed with an open concept office Minimalist Modern with a Green environment, an area of 494 sqm.

one of our newest Projects. Completed the work in October 2022. PiEE is happy & Proud to work and to be a trusted vendor of Star Shpping to run their office at Rajawali Place Kuningan.